help me decide my yoyo please

first of all im running out of money(well not really but i just need to save up).Im thinking to buy a x convict and legacy and big yo.but i wonder should i buy the x convict with legacy or legacy with big yo or just legacy?

btw which is better in your opinion the legacy or xvict?i heard the xvict cracks easily

Do i really need bigyo if i have an aquarius(i think it almost broken not sure)?

i cant really decide…TOO confusingggggg!!!

Personally, I think you should just get a Legacy for now, if you have an Aquarius.

I think you should get Legacy and Xconvict.

in favorites I notice u said ‘futere m1’ thats also a good posoblility

First off, what kind of player are you?

The X-Vict was designed for stalls and tricks that involve split bottome mounts.

(For the Record Stalls are when the yo-yo is spinning on you hand and not ride or spinning when there is do loops around the axle)

The Legacy is a great yo-yo for smooth play and long spin times.

You don’t need a Big-yo, just break in your cleaned bearing.

No yoyo is better then the other. Check out this thread then give us your preferences.

At this point, you will probably feel similarities in the X-Convict and the Legacy, but if you have an Aquarius, then you don’t really need a BigYo (although they are fun)

I think u should get a legacy and and the x-convict, because if u have the aquarius, then u don’t need the bigyo.

But if he has a Legacy, he won’t need an X-ConVict. Keep thinking, Em.

Not really. They are way different yoyos.

legacy and x convict.

its kinda exensive…i need to save up money i think next month im getting it :smiley:

saamad i left a reply in the no yoyo is better thread…so which should i get guys…do you think i really need 2 yo for 1a?

oh ya does all elgacy have mirrored cap?

yeah they do
sad thing about legacy is that the graphics on the caps wear off in a few weeks :-\

Try saving up for the M1. It is only 20 dollars more than the xcon and legacy combined, and it is pure metal and has better performance.

This is all from what I’ve heard, since I am only 13 and do not have much money. I only have a Panda, Monkey, and a DM coming to me :smiley: ;D

Here’s a better choice for you: Lyn Fury and legacy, Why?
Because when one person asked a better yoyo for beginner or intermidiate
yoyo level, then most people say that lyn fury is a better choice for you
and you will love it. And legacy, same thing to lyn fury. Legacy is created by Andre Boulay,
the yoyo master. I hope you understand my opinion for your choice. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

ive tried my friends lyn fury and i dont rally like it that much

It’s actually a matter of preference. I just got my DM, and get it!!! If you want, read my review.,1126.0/topicseen.html

A Lyn Fury Review (because I feel nice):

A Legacy Review:

X Con Review (wow!!! I’m surprising myself!):

And Last, But not least, the M1:

ok i s the xconvict really worth the money or should i just stick with legacy?i also decided not to buy big-yo cause i have an aquarius already