Need Help!!

I am an intermediate Yo-Yo player i enjoy yo yoing very much but i am getting bored with my Kickside. I cannot decide if i should get a Legacy and eventually go into counter-weight or get a Big Yo and do offstring. They both look very fun, please help me decide. Thanks :wink:

get a is a very good yo.but if you want a realy great player for a fiew dollars more, get a plays as good as the high end metals, and even better than some metals.iv’e heard nothing bad about it.but if you cant spare the extra cash, go for the legacy.

Some people prefer the Legacy over the Protostar. Preference.

As for what you mentioned, I would personally go with the Legacy. It can do 1a, as well as 4a and 5a. It may not be made for 4a, but it can certainly do it.

well if you want to start 5a, get a dy-nasty.

Thanks guys for all the replies. But in spite of everything i think i will go with offstring and if it turns out i ever want another 1a yo-yo i always have a little extra cash so i can always pick up a legacy or a protostar. thank you all,
L@z3r 8)