Legacy sidecaps.

My next yoyo buy is probably going to be the YYJ Legacy. I’ve read in several places that that the paint or design on the sidecaps rubs off fairly easily. I like the look of the sidecaps and would want to keep them looking like new as long as possible. Is this still an issue with the Leagacy sidecaps and if so, what could I do to protect the design?

spray it with enamel or wipe it off and it will be a mirror

do the caps come off ?

I’m gonna guess a suction cup would probably do the trick.

Re: the enamel spray

Does that stuff work OK on plastic? The stuff I’ve seen is for metal, wood or masonary. I’d be concerned that it might kinda melt the design and/or the plastic.

the kind by rustolinem in a white spray can

Take the caps off with a suction cup and put them in a safe place to preserve them. Put em back on when you compete or freestyle or whatever. People say that’s the safest way to do it.

IMO, the Legacy plays better without caps.