yoyo legacy

I just wanted to ask is it possible to take of the caps of the legacy

As far as I know you can take the caps off just about anything. It’s just that sometimes they get destroyed in the process.

i will take them off by suction cups but because the caps are glued.

when i got my kickside they weren’t glued

A suction cup will work great for removing the side caps on a legacy.

If a suction cup does not work, try using a knife (be careful) to pop a tiny hole in the cap. Then pull the knife at an upward angle and hopefully the cap should come out with it.

IT IS POSSIBLE TO USE SUCTION CUPS, I literaly just did it 5 minutes ago,just push it down hard, and then if you have to(i did) use pliers to grab the top and pull

hope this helps

Yup. Also, welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.

Anyway, I don’t think they glue their caps so a suction cup will work fine.

Keep the caps on… its not a pretty sight underneath

Is the legacy better than the dark magic??

No yoyo is better than any other blah…

looks to make sure no one is looking


Well the response is better… I find the silicone in the Legacy is WAY less snaggy than the Hybrid DM

I had a Dark Magic and thought it was awesome. I tried a Legacy and hated it because it felt too heavy. It isn’t better.

Well this is where the preference card plays… I prefer heavy yoyos

Exactly my point.

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I just noticed that too. Please move this to the general section. Thanks.

sorry about it, but yoyo expert should make a section especially for asking question’s

There is a section to ask questions; and that is all of them.

There is no problem with posting a question in a particular thread, just make sure it is relevant. This particular question should be in the general section.

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I hope this helps.