Legacy Caps

I Have a YYJ Legacy and the sidecaps paint wore off. I was wondering of how to fix this…

Um, paint new art? You cant “fix” worn off artwork. Once it’s gone, it’s gone

i have had a legacy for a while
NEVER had a problem with it

well i have 2 and this never happened to me. however this happened to my friend and neighbor on his. he couldnt repair it. so yeah

Yeah, just leave it blank, paint it, or maybe somebody has some Legacy caps here and their willing to sell or trade them, and if so, you can take the caps you have off of your Legacy with a suction cup you can buy at an arts and crafts store maybe near you, or maybe some other kind of store has them too.

…and if you do get your hands on a new set of caps, get a can of spray on clear coat and put a quick layer on for a little extra protection.

I think Legacy Looks Cooler without the paint…

Just the mirrors!.. It looks dashing!