Supernova Legacy

Hey guys, I got a DMII from someone on this site awhile back. It was missing a cap so I had YYJ send me some new ones. I also requested original Legacy caps as well. However, they took awhile to show up (but they did show up and I’m pretty happy). Anyway, I recently got a Supernova from someone else on here as well and haven’t even been using the DM2. The caps came in and I was bored, and I haven’t even used the Legacy in a long time either. So… I put the Legacy caps on the Supernova! It still seems \to play well but is just louder. I should still remove hem eventually anyway, but I think it looks cool, and the thought of having YYJ caps on a YYF throw is kind of funny.

That’s awesome! Very good idea :smiley:


What did you do to get new caps?