YYJ Caps

Does anyone know where I can find pictures of YYJ caps?

Just go to YoYoNation.com, search up the product, and click on it, then view the enhanced image. You can then see the different angles, and the caps.

Out of curiosity, what caps do you want to view?

Have Fun Throwing!


I want a picture of just the cap itself so i can print it out and put it in my yoyo. Interested in Lyn fury and X-convict caps.

well dude you can probably find them on Google but it would be better to get new ones. there free.

keep it spinning

how do you get caps for free, ive never heard of that

I’m also a bit curious how one goes about getting new caps for a YYJ. My Legacy’s caps are getting quite dull since the silkscreening is coming off at an alarmingly rapid rate, and I hear they look terrible with he caps removed so I haven’t bothered taking them off yet.

I assume perhaps a call to YYJ?

How do I get new ones for free?

Yes, a Legacy without caps is quite ugly :P, it really is.