YYJ Speeder Replacement Caps

Long story short, one of my friends took my disassembled speeder and put one of the caps in backwards and then used his knife to try to get it out, the actual yo-yo was fine, but I prefer to play with sidecaps. I already e-mailed YYJ to see if I could get replacements, but I haven’t heard back yet. So does anyone know where I may be able to find some? Aftermarket sidecaps are fine too. Thanks.

Go check the BST. They might not post something like “selling speeder caps” but if you can find a person with a speeder in the BST, you could ask them if he/she would make a deal.

You could buy a speed maker, and put those caps in the speeder. As they are the same size right.

YYJ gives free caps.

No they are not. The Speeder has the same size caps as the Dark Magic, Legacy, Phenom, Phenomizm, Meteor, and Night Moves.

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