legacy or starlite

I want to buy a new yoyo…which of 2 yoyo can do expert tricks?..and which is better?

Umm, I can’t really say, I have the kickside not the legacy or starlite, but it looks like to me that starlite is for showing off what you already know, but legacy is more for learning. I may be totally wrong but that is what i think. One other thing, my kickside is plastic and im having a very hard time doing advanced tricks with it, it may just be me, but the spin time for it is like 55 seconds, I think you need an metal or aluminum yoyo for expert tricks, unless you are on a low budget.

Aaaah, no need for metal aluminum yoyo. Different material doesn;t make it better. What’s your budget?

For around $20 budget, I say Legacy. If you practice strong throws, you can land advanced, expert to master level tricks on it. But if you are learning to do expert tricks, it’s fine.

For around 30-35$ budget, Protostar OR Northstar. They both can spin very long with the CT bearing, K-Pads response (I love that) anodized aluminum weight rings. They are like saying “Come on, do tricks” and once you’re done your tricks, they have a lot of spin left which means they have no problem handling ANY trick.

For around $40-$45 budget, Raptor. Yes, Dv888 is a great choice, but just that I think it’s a bit overated. They both can grind very well, neither have a ridge. Both can handle any trick. Both are smoother but some people claim that Raptor is more smoother than Dv888.

Now, the differences between Raptor and Dv888, is that:

Raptor=Rounded Butterfly shape
Raptor=A bit bigger than Dv888 but easily can be wrapped around by your hand comfortably
Raptor=Comes with lubed bearing, either clean it or swap it and BOOM, prefect.
Dv888=Comes with Spec Bearing
Raptor=Comes with 2 EXTRA response systems (3 in total) and 2 removable caps compatible with the FHZ.

Legacy is heavier than the starlite. So they both play the same, but if you like heavier yoyo’s go for the Legacy but if you like lighter yoyo’s go for the starlite. Keep in mind Legacy’s are discontinued, but tons of people are selling them on the b/s/t section here.

the starlite probably won’t last as long as the legacy. I have a starlite and it plays a lot like a protostar with less weight. i still love it even though mine has a crack in it and has terrible vibe. In all honesty, they are both very good yoyos and you should grab both of them at some point. Either way you will be satisfied i gaurntee beacuse both yoyos are really good!!

One could easily muster up a trick they can’t handle.


I’d suggest the starlite. For some reason I like it more. Not only that, You can play in the dark with it.

??? I mean that Protostar is a great yoyo that can handle any trick. And even when learning a trick like And Whut or something, it would be easy. My first choice.