Legacy 2 problems

the legacy 2 has been a bit of a disappointment, it is super responsive with the ‘unresponsive’ bearing and the bearing does not spin when I put it in the yoyo and its very tight in the bearing seat. The bearing spins for about 15 secs on the end of a pencil but only 2 secs in the yoyo. I can only get a 12 second sleeper with a good throw, compared with 90secs from my kickside. So how can I fix these problems?.

might wanna take a razor and carefully scrape out some of the surrounding plastic around the bearing seat to clear away any plastic that might be slowing the bearing down and lightly sand the inner portion of the bearing seat to loosen up the bearing.

Sounds like something is in the bearing well (on one or both sides) and is rubbing against the bearing as it spins. Make sure the bearing well is cleaned of all debris and check for manufacturing flaws where the plastic body or metal bearing post could be rubbing against the bearing. Sometimes there are plastic nubs from the molding. The yo-yo body should only contact the bearing on the inner race. If the ridge around the bearing brushes against the outer race, it must be a manufacturing flaw.

To be sure it’s not the bearing itself, try the Kickside bearing in the Legacy 2. But if you get 15 seconds on a pencil it sounds fine.

Went around the bearing well with a razor blade, I just threw a 70sec sleeper and it now spins freely and it almost unresponsive, thank you so much.

once it has burnt in it should be fully unresponsive.

I read the first part of that and was like, What??

Shields off.


my legacy 2 had a similar problem I just find if you give it a tiny bit of lube to help it spin better does wonders especially if you just play with the Yoyo like crazy it helps get it back to normal.

Lube is what makes the bearing spin slower and make the yoyo responsive…