Left a yoyo!

I got a new Whip the other day and have really been enjoying this thing. Wife and I decided to go to Wal-Mart for a few things. So I decided to take the Whip with me and see if I can’t come up with something to use for yoyo case. I use the yoyo to try out a few cases and then make a decision. Get all the way home and realize I left the dadgum yoyo sitting on a shelf!!! JEEEESH :-\

So I just have to get another one lol. Getting too dang old to be sitting things down I guess HAHAHA.

You didn’t go ask wal mart if they had it? Or go look at the shelf? Not saying that is there but I would go look

Me too!

Get a speedaholic instead of the whip. You will be thouroughly satisfied.


I haven’t tried a whip, but I bet a speed-a-holic is better haha.

I third this. :smiley:


Whip is okay tho :-\

But guys, the whip is old, they didn’t think about all this new stuff when it was released. When it was it was the “speedaholic” of its time.

Probably true! But you don’t have to buy another one just out of habit or to feel sorry for it in its old age. Its feelings won’t be hurt. :wink:

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Yeah I went back and checked. In fact the lady at the help counter went through every box in the lost and found looking for it lol.

Its all good! Just thought it was a funny story.

Hrmmmm I will have to check into the speedaholic!

Thanks fellas! Just ordered one. Have not looked at any C3 yoyos glad you all mentioned it.

Wow. Can’t believe someone picked it up n pocketed it really. Had to of been a thrower or others would have just thought it was an opened item.

I think it would be kind of neat to leave a yo-yo somewhere on purpose, hoping someone will find it, and like it.  Not something I’d do with an expensive yo-yo of my own.  On Instagram, I saw that YYF hid a Ricochet outside near a contest, and posted it’s location.  The first person to make it there and treasure hunt for the Ricochet got to keep it.  I wonder who ended up with it.  That was a pretty cool idea.

I almost left this yo-yo on the statue, hoping someone might remove it and keep it.  I thought better of it, because I’d hate for someone to see it as disrespect, or a vandalism.  It’s not permanently affixed, and yo-yo image is positive to me, but I would not want it to be taken the wrong way.  I took my photos and removed it.  Besides, it was a modded FHZ, and I wanted to keep it, rather than try to get another one.  :wink: