Learning tricks


When it comes to learning tricks, I’ve just been drilling the same trick over, and over, for days on end. I’ve been doing Double Or Nothing/Matrix for over a week and a half now. Now, I’m curious if this is the optimal way to do it, or would it be better to learn 2-3 tricks at once and not to just drill one. Which method do you use, or am I missing something altogether?


The thing is, you have to try different approaches before you will know what’s best for you. I used to do the same tricks over and over, for a long time… Up until recently, I’ve started learning something new, every day. While I’m doing new things every day, even more new possibilities open for me.


I like to focus on one trick up until I can either complete it or atleast know how to complete it. Then I switch between 2-3 tricks I have at this stage to smooth them out/attempt to combo them together.


I usually try to learn up to 4 tricks at once