How many new tricks do you learn at a time in a week?

Time is a commodity.

Although I can run through short moves like magic drop, suicides, etc., when it comes to string tricks, I decided 2 new ones is about all I can handle in a week. If I try to do more, I wind up forgetting too much. Of course this statement depends on difficulty. If it’s hard for me, one new one is enough!

Getting good is also time consuming!

Plus it’s fun to get a trick on auto pilot from repetition, and it will “stick”

What do you think? One or two a week makes sense to me. That’s a lot in a year…

Edit: Part of the reason for learning new tricks in the first place is so we can be more creative with our own, and borrow elements. Combining elements is fun!

I don’t set a time, I’ll work on 1 new trick at a time until I have it, that’s when I move on. But I don’t compete or have any interest in competing, so I have nothing pushing me to go faster.

It depends on the trick. I have been working on a particular trick with 3d movement for 3 weeks now, and I finished it today. I have taken longer for tricks that I learned rather then created, and I have learned some in a day or two. Some tricks, such as branding, I took a break and learned when I went back to them. Developing a trick is for me as a perfectionist, a very lengthy process.

Hit the nail on the head. The only difference I have is I do compete in the old man division, but, don’t feel push to learn faster as I’m on stage to have fun.

I feel like possibly the slowest trick learner of all time. When someone shows me a trick I’m all like “wait, one step at a time”…and even then, it is usually at least a week before I learn it

I don’t know if it’s even 1 trick a week for me. It’s not that it takes a long time to learn, it’s just that it takes a long time to get consistent. Last weekend for instance, I learned how to do jade whip, Iron whip, and gondola. I landed all 3 in a day, but I’ll probably spend a month working on consistency. Usually when I learn a few tricks at once I don’t move on until I can do them at least 2/3 tries.

Im at the point where im
Constantly adding/changing up tricks that I do. I tend to do a lot of chopsticks and flowly stuff, so my “tricks” are less of a “im gonna do this trick now” and more of a “go with the flow” vibe

I agree there is a mix between learning something new, and perfecting what you already know.
Having set tricks gives a sense of accomplishment.

New tricks can help me internalize new ideas I wouldn’t have thought of, and push me forward. At this point, I don’t take it all that seriously, but learning a new trick is like beating the boss level of a video game, satisfying, but relatively unimportant. :slight_smile:

Edit: The parallels of yo-yoing and music often occur to me, we could be substituting “how many songs do you work on” at a time for “tricks.”

One thing I find about creating your own tricks is I don’t so much move on as find better ways to incorporate elements or pieces of combos in interesting ways. Sort of like hot rodding a car or upgrading armor in a video game where I’m always adding pieces and touching things up so that the tricks I do every day get more inspired, more unique and cooler looking.

I’ll learn tricks from tutorials and so on as well, in which case it really depends how difficult they are to master, but I usually like to always have something I’m working on or throwing starts to feel stale.

I may learn more than 1 trick in a week (The steps) but it may take me more than 1 week to perform the steps correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was first learning over a winter break, I was getting through the basics pretty fast. But now since it isn’t break and I’m no longer learning basics, I generally learn about 1 trick per one two weeks or a couple new elements.

I’m usually working on a couple three at any given time.

I’m also working on smoothing out another couple three.

But, It’s not like I learn three new tricks every week.
Some tricks take a lot less time, some take a lot more.