New year resolution

I’m sure this happens every year. We all think about the new year and what we are going to do differently. 2018 was a whirlwind for my family. Thanksgiving 2017 my wife lost her grandmother. It was unexpected, she was doing well and had a heart attack. Christmas 2017 my wife’s mother went into the hospital, ended up have some wierd blood infection. She contracted a necromancing bacterial infection, and passed away in February. This summer we decided to reboot and I took a new position in my company and we relocated from South Carolina to Massachusetts.

I really started to dedicate some time to throwing to occupy my mind. So for the last 6 months or so since everything has settled somewhat, I have been putting in effort and expanding my skills and collection.

So this year I would like to challenge myself to learning to play better. I was thinking learning a new trick everyday, but that is probably not going to go well. So I would like to learn at least a new trick each week for fixed axle and 1a unresponsive.

I would love some feedback on a few things. What do you think is your favorite yoyo to learn new 1A tricks on? Totally subjective, I know, just curious what and why. I plan to use the beautiful new eH for fixed axle and a deep state as well.

I would also like to know what tricks you suggest. I am new to fixed axle and can trapeze stall pretty consistently and front stall almost as consistently.

For 1A, I have gone through the YYE trick list into Expert level and can do Kamikaze fairly well. Not as smooth as I would like. Just to give some perspective of where I am of course. So open to any ideas. I want to get one a week. I think that will force me to keep progressing. I will be using YYE tutorials, Yotricks at tiems, and anyone else that suggests or posts, like @smileypants707.

Let me know what you think or suggest. My goal is to progress and have fun thats all. Some weeks more than others, but commit to playing everyday regardless.


Go for it! I’m going to put more work into my YouTube channel this year and try to review a yoyo a week.


So with the drop of the CLYW Akita and @AndreBoulay feedback on it’s performance, I pulled the trigger and ordered one. With it’s increased spin time, stability, and width, I think it will be my go to for learning new tricks and combos.

What combo or trick would anyone suggest? I would love to learn more flowing combos and repeater that are fun and casual, that can be progressively challenging as well.

@Sinister_Yoyos that’s a solid plan. I think it is important to set some goals and commitments.

I’ve always felt that consistency is something that is overlooked these days. Some will get a trick down a couple times then move on. I’d download the trick ladder and work on those. Getting to the point where you can consistently do a trick, and do it smooth. Then move on, but continue to keep the previous trick going so you don’t lose that consistency.

Check out the 365 yoyo tricks project for inspiration too.

One of the points of my Fixed Axle 2019 journey is to really focus on all the little things: string tension, consistency, flow.


Yes you are absolutely correct. Thats why I believe shooting for 1 a week is more important than 1 a day for me. It gives me time to continue to nail what I have already and work at something new. I am also not focusing on just big tricks but simply short combos and repeaters. For me those are fun and should flow almost unconsciously. Then at the same time push myself to do something more.

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I agree with AaronW, often I see people who learn a trick and move on, never to repeat the trick again. There is a reason that Andre’s tricks look like they do (he is consistent), while my first few successful completions of the trick look vaguely like the videos.

As far as a 1a yoyo to learn on, something that has good spin time and is pretty stable. I like learning on my trusty Too H.O.T. but, as for something that is currently available, I like the 44RPM Surf, just about anything from One Drop, the Replay Pro…

You mentioned fixed axle – learn Ed’s tutorials on this site, then, look to the Bandalores videos on Instagram and channel on YouTube. Ed, Drew Tetz, and other special guest stars post modern fixed axle tricks.

My 2019 yoyo resolution is to have fun. Learn the tricks that interest me, and, to feel free to explore around the tricks I know. To be content understanding whatever flow I can find throwing is the reward itself.

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Great response! Thank you. I am going to work through @edhaponik tutorials for sure. Already on the Facebook groups. This one is definetely important to me. I really like “making the simple amazing”. I think that is what a wooden fixed axle is for me. Very grounded and organic. Just something about it.

As far as throws for 1A, I definetely have the tools at my disposal. I really like One Drops and have several. The Edge and Shutter Wide Angle are great too. I think the Akita will be a great asset for this. I was more or less looking for peoples opinions on what they use when trying to learn something new, thier go-to if you will. I have not used it, but the Surf really looks like a chill throw as well.

The motivation for me is definetely not to just learn tricks. I am not competing for anything. But I think the challenge is healthy to keep moving to something. The trick I know and enjoy doing will still be thrown and new ones will continue to be worked on.

@French what is your favorite short combo that you can whip out and repeat or do over and over and enjoy?

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Hi Jim,

My favorite short combo…for fixed axle, probably a smash up of makin’ da zines, disco regen, trapeze & brother stalls and some lunar landings. For 1a, I like combining magic trick, branding, a hop from black hops that puts me in a brother mount, ninja vanish, and elements of some tricks I don’t know the names of that guys from New York YoYo Club taught me. Another go to for me is Mel hops, but, sometimes it turns into Mel hop (that whole consistency thing rearing its ugly head).

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Thanks! I am still working on stall consistently and just started looking a makin da zines. I think that is my first trick challenge. It should give me a nice repeater to work on stalls at the same time and regen control.

I will check out your combo and see what I can do. I have been putting together the basic stuff I know. Kamikaze, magic drop at end lands on both strings instead, swing around to Buddhas revenge 2-3 times, kwijibo, matrix 1-2 times, cold fusion. Then straight to a bind or a little bind combo- a flip to double on, come off then to bind.