Learning how to Yoyo

Hi, I recently starting yoyoing (unresponsive) and now that I’ve learned some of the basics, I was hoping for a more organized logical approach to learning how to yoyo
There are so many videos out there on youtube on how to do individual tricks, but not in any organized way like things you can do off of this mount or another
So far I can do and bind from a front mount, trapeze, man on the flying trapeze and his brother, lucy loop (I’ve also seen it referred to as a double trapeze), plastic whip, and split bottom mount. I’ve learned a few cool things off of all those mounts but I wanna learn more.
I don’t know if I’m making myself particularly clear, but basically if someone could explain to me a more organized approach to learning different tricks, that’d be great

Many tutorial sites have things organized in a sense of logic (monkeyfinger.ca, rethinkyoyo.com, definitiveyoyoing.com to name a few).

But you need look no further than up on this screen. There’s a “Learn” menu option in the YoyoExpert.com navigation, and Andre’s tutorials are organized in a way that in many cases they build upon one another.

One of the strengths of the YYE tutorials is the tricks are presented in a logical manner that requires the learning of a skill to be able to progress, with the next or an upcoming trick relying on a previous trick. Think of the tricks also as building blocks.

For example, you can learn trapeze. Then you can learn trapeze and brother. Then you can learn double or nothing. Learn The Matrix.

Then you can learn say the 1.5 mount. Learn Buddha’s revenge. Learn McBride’s Roller Coaster.

Start with a trapeze if you want to ease into a 1.5 mount, or go right into the 1.5, or for more “showy”, do a double or nothing, roll to trapeze, ferris wheel and instead of going back into a double or nothing, land the 1.5 to perform Buddha’s Revenge. When you exit, exit from the 1.5 mount hard with a lot of momentum, swing into a trapeze and brother, then reverse that to a double or nothing. If you want to add more to it, you can either roll out to a trapeze and do the second half of McBride’s Roller Coaster, and then if you have enough spin, kwijibo.

But back to the YYE videos. Just go through them best you can in order. Throw a lot, play a lot. Find ways to make the tricks work together. Just use your imagination. Whatever you do, just don’t rush through stuff. This takes work and time and effort. The YYE videos are highly organized. Just go through them in order best you can.

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