Learning and Where to start

Honestly, I don’t like the “Learn” drop-down menu and how it is organized. If not redoing it, I’d be interested in seeing various filters which help lead you in a more linear direction. Certain sections perhaps by throws (breakaway or normal), mount(s) required, or which tricks seem more appropriate to learn right after another. For example:

Skin the Gerbil could fit under breakaway, from a trapeze mount, and before or after similar tricks related to the trapeze.

Each yoyo’er has their own, as you may call it, style, and through a more linear learning style, you’d be able to get a preference and find your own style perhaps easier.


I think its organized fine.

I’m fine with the current categories. It becomes way too complicated to navigate otherwise.


I guess I’m just finding it difficult because I’d rather be learning things with a similar ideal before jumping into another trick. I mean, if I’m jumping all around the Advanced, Intermediate, and Expert tabs, what’s the point of them? The difficulty of a trick should not be judged upon itself, but rather the knowledge and ability to do similar tricks relating to it. At least to me :stuck_out_tongue:

The tricks are organized in the order they are for a specific reason. If you really take the time to watch them, you’ll notice for the most part, 1 element is introduced, then incorporated into a trick using previous elements that should have been learned. Think of the trick list as being part of a logical teaching program. It’s not random, it’s very intentional.

If you want to skip around, then fine. You might want to download the tricks list so you can keep track of what’s next.

All I can say is the drop-down can be a bit annoying on some of my laptops, but other than that, no issue. Plus, you can just click “learning” and everything shows up.

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If you ask me love the way it’s organized :slight_smile: I’d rather have it by level

I like the way it is organized now to. Not to be a downer on your idea but I think that sounds a little complicated.