Trick Order


I just thought that maybe the tricks should be in order from easy to hard. It would make it a little easear for some people to find easy or hard tricks.


They are :wink:

In order, its Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Part 2, etc.

But I think I interpreted it wrong. Do you mean more in order in its section? If so, I believe the order is the order André meant for it to be as us as the learners.

(J. Lev) #3

It is in a pretty good order… seems pretty logical to me :slight_smile:


most of them are in good order but, some, like drop in the bucket, are like 10 times eisiar than those before and after them. i got that one on the first try, and i had been practicing for days on teh one before and after it

(JonasK) #5

The order of the tricks does not need to go by difficulty.


Well, thats because you got the fundamentals ;D The previous tricks were basics so that it would be easier to learn the next trick. Like if you didn’t know how to do trapeze, you almost couldn’t get into drop in the bucket.
But of course, some tricks are easier than the others, some people learn certain tricks better than others, but some people will find that the order is just right (me), and some will feel otherwise.


The order is pretty good, could be a little refined. some tricks just kinda seem to be thrown in thier. examples are again, drop in the bucket, and leg wrap trap (which is really hard). it also seems like the tricks were rearanged at some point, because in eli hops he talks about white budda, which i is like 5 sections ahead. All and all, its great, but its not perfect…not sure if you getting me here… :-\


He doesnt talk about white buddha in eli hops ???