LB FHZ using PGM guts

this was one of the more difficult mods I have done so far, there is an o ring under the pgm insert thats the same size as one from a fh1/hfh, the recess fits k pads as well. Of all the mods I have ever done I am the most proud of this one because I didnt use ANY measuring insturments (usually I would have taken measurements with calipers before during and after cutting) everything was just test fit, cut a tiny bit, test fit, etc and/or guessing. one half took me about an hour because I didnt have calipers. I dont think many of you guys who arent modders can appreciate how difficult it is to do this kind of thing on a wood lathe with sharpened screwdrivers and no measuring instruments

after finishing the entire thing i realized i had made the recess way too deep so i took 2 extra pgm spacers and drilled the post out to make spacers instead of using o rings. theyre a bit thick so ill have to sand them but overall im very pleased with the outcome. hopefully I can get a taig at some point in the future and do some stuff i cant do on my current lathe.

comments appreciated

looks really awesome!! cant wait to try!

You tried to make a Porshe with only a hammer and succeeded? Great job, you are extremely talented and out of your mind. Those are the qualities that make up some of the best modders.

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