Law studies paper... Help me.

I am doing a paper on my right to yoyo. I need reasons. Mynonly other choice is to do a normal paper. So, how does throwing benefit society? What amendment does it fall under? What are supporting ideas? All responses are appreciated.

It doesn’t really fall under any right… no one is taking away your right to yoyo…

well usa is a free country you can do any thing u want
if its like at school say that your practicing your hand eye cordination

How does yoyoing equate to a right? As far as I know there are no restrictions on common hobbies or pastimes. I think some of you guys really stretch this stuff to include some aspect of yoyoing in your school work. There are no benefits to society.

Benefit: helps keep kids motivated to do something productive instead of destructive, like drugs. (Haha I used that one for the reasoning to have a yoyo club at school.)

Does it fall under the right to bear arms? Haha. No, it’d be more under the unenumerated rights, amendment 9 I believe.

If you wanna get really out there you could go on the “It falls under the freedom of expression” boat.

Tell that to the KKK

you could also argue that it falls under free speech rights, 1st amendment. The act of purchasing a yoyo is in effect an endorsement of that product, and therefore a form of speech.The tenth as well: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” considering yoyo rights are not delegated to the Federal government nor the State government, it must be delegated to “the people”.

As for benefits, it helps kids get away from Xbox and PS3 which contribute to childhood obesity, it could get them outside for some vitamin D, provides an outlet that would keep youths from bringing their parent’s shotguns to school and facerolling people. Just make up some bullshit and you should be golden lol.

I would go with the choice to do a normal paper.


Making the paper based on yoyos is kind of hard. I don’t thing there are any really good arguments. Probably you will get a better grade in the normal paper.

Writing about yoyo would only be good if you were asked to write about the history of an object you can choose.

There’s your answer, short and sweet from a very reliable source. :wink:

Say it’s a weapon and you have the right to bear arms, the second amendment but they might not go for that but it would be funny… ;D

This. I do not think yoyoing is a good topic for a legal activity. You will need to milk it of a lot of irrelevancies and I do not see a good grade coming of it.

I have no idea what the scope of your class is but if you do anything on intellectual property you could bring yo-yo examples in for that (I suggest the battle over the trademark of the word “yo-yo”)