Help with a yoyo essay

hello all! for my English 3 class, we have to write a 1000 word essay. i’ll be talking about the unlimited amount of tricks that can be made, all the friends that can be made, and all the fun someone can have! but i don’t know what i could\should use for a thesis statement. ANY help at all would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: :smiley:

It’s your paper. Write what you want.

Why, that wasn’t very helpful at all. Don’t be mean to the guy who is just trying to get a good grade.

Anyway, I think that a good thesis statement would be something like this:

“Although the yoyo was invented in ancient times as a simple toy for children, it has now become a fun and competitive sport and hobby.”

That might be a bit too run-on, but you shouldn’t directly copy that anyway. That would essentially be plagiarism. Not cool, right? LOL. I hope this helped.

BTW, what grade are you in? I was trying figure it out from the fact the you are taking English 3, but there are many possible answers.

EDIT: I accidentally said that you directly copy my thesis, LOL. I fixed that.

He’s wanting you to write his thesis! That’s cheating. Now, if he paid for it… That’s different. :slight_smile:

i’m not wanting anyone to write it for me. If you read the last sentence of the first post, it says any help. I’m just bad at writing them and needed help. And I’m in 11th grade.

You could also bring up the history of yoyos , and how yoyos ( bandalore in 1700’s) was only carried by the rich and was a status symbol of great wealth and that yoyos are the 2nd oldest toy in the world

oh yeah. That’s pretty good and cool. I’ll have to find somewhere in the essay to include that. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

I’m not very good at papers, but when you do write it, could you post it here so we can read it?

Generally your teachers want your thesis to be parallel, so that probably wouldn’t be best.

Probably what would be best would be to tell us what paragraphs you plan to have. Make sure they’re well defined. Write it based on your essay, then make sure everything ties together.

Heres how you write a thesis statement. I love yoyoing for a couple of reasons or I yoyo for many reasons or I believe yoyoing is the best activity ever.
And now write a three or more facts about it
I love yoyoing because its fun, blah ,blah, blah
Now you have an intro

What do you next is write paragraphs on explaining those facts. you can put in your personal experiences.
EX" First of all i love yo-yoing because its fun. (Here you explain why its fun)
Now you put a transition and repeat.

Now that you have written all the paragraphs about explaining why you love yoyoing you write you conclusion.Its like your thesis statement but backwards. Remember to word it a bit differently too.
First repeat your thesis statement then rewrite your your facts and now you you write your final part of your conclusion with a fact or a strong statement or a question or a question.

So thats how you write a good essay. I apologize if I’m vague on details.

And a bit late… :wink:


Woopsies Bah what ever.

Heres a video with andre boulay talking about some yoyo history and things i hope it helps

Good Luck o your paper