I have a challenge for you!


(I think this is in the right section, but hey)

I’d like to find openly available information regarding yoyos. I managed to convince my English Expressions professor to let me write a paper on yoyos. The problem I keep running into is I can’t use wikis, or .com’s for reliable information. Even the .com sites I’ve come across have been lacking in current information and were compiled in the late 90s.

I was just curious if any of you have any yoyo sites you may have heard of that are typically hard to find. I’ve found stuff about yoyos on about, howstuffworks, and Spintastics.

Thanks in advance!

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Good luck with that one bro.


The internet is the most cost effective and efficient way of getting the information out there regarding yoyos’ I think the teacher is forbidding the usage of the internet to try to get people do take care of thins the “old fashioned way”. The internet can be a bit too easy.

However, in regards to this topic, it’s not worth printing paper and making books for the information. The internet is the way to go. Maybe have a brief discussion with your teacher regarding the niche area. He might be willing to grant an exception. In the meantime, use the internet to find publications you might be able to find in libraries. Best to consider the fall-back/fail-over plan from the beginning.

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Ask knowledgeable forum/community members questions, record them, and cite them as being from an interview? Restricting .com use seems a bit tight.


The OP doesn’t say he’s restricted from using the internet, just that the sites he’s found don’t seem reliable.

@ the OP - I’ve sent you a PM with some info.

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Encyclopedia britannica at your local library. They may also have DVDs or VHS videos. No doubt you could use those as sources.


There are a couple of decent docos. ‘World on a String’ and ‘The Game Has Changed’ come to mind.



I’d find some people that you would deem as “reputable sources” in the community and interview them. That way it’s 1st hand information from people who have been a part of it.


That’s what I said :wink: Seriously, the government doesn’t talk about yoyos! Smithsonian had a small excerpt on a Duncan yoyo they have, nothing to much help though.

She’s letting me use some .coms :smiley: Praise the yoyo gods! Lol