need help.

im not sure if this topic is suppose to be here but i need help.well my father agreed that if i write an essay of umm around 1500 words telling why should he buy me a yoyo(skyline) and if its good he will buy me…but i cant think of anything so i need ideas from you guys.THANKS.

The question is; “Do you want that yoyo, and why?”

Answer this. If you really want that yoyo and know every single reason why, you should be able to get to 1500 words.

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Yoyoing is good for your brain. It teaches coordination and concentration. A lot of nice people yoyo. The yoyoers I have met have been kind and respectful. Yoyoing is a peaceful sport which requires dedication to practicing (playing really).

tell him its awsome, and youll mow the lawn for x amount of times. and if you have to write, look in a thesourus under the word awsome, and cool! maybe there will be 1500 words! :smiley: (tell him yoyoing helps you be concentraited, quiet, and be busy so you wont make a lot of noise and get into trouble! thats all i could come up with. tell him you will try to pay off you debt and or wait till a bday!

Draw him two pictures.

After all, a picture is worth 1000 words.

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Good one, i lol’ed ;D

Show him this thread on YYN:,52306.0.html
It will show how awsome skylines are!


Cover about the Skyline

  1. Skyline Specs
    Talk about the specs

  2. Why it’s so good
    with proof

  3. How it could benefit you

5 conclude it