I need to write a persuasive essay for school.

What company should I write to? I would like to write to one drop asking for a 2013 Code 1, or some other company(probably yyf, they make lots of spoof yoyos) asking for a specialty 1/2 A yoyo. You know, tight bearing seats, kk bearing, lots of rim weight, extra axles, and a concave shape, like, opposite of a Raptor or other organic throw. Yes, I have reasons for all those. Anyways, should I write to One Drop or YYF? Or some other place?

What is the purpose of the assignment? Are you expecting a response back?

No, it’s just to use these methods we used. The teacher won’t even mail them if they aren’t good enough. So, OD or YYF or other?

Write to YYF about things like using longer axles, helicoils, looser bearing seats, etc. Or write to them asking for maybe a yoyo design you feel would greatly benefit the community.

lol want a list?

But, I don’t know enough about any of those things for a five paragraph essay…

Than change the topic if you do not know enough

are you sure that you want to write the letter to a yoyo company? there would probably be an easier topic than yo-yos, just because of the relative simplicity of the actual yoyo. but, if you are set on writing the letter to a yoyo company, I would go with what yoyospirit said and write to yoyofactory asking for a looser bearing seat or a longer axle. hopefully reading the letter won’t make your teacher upset because he/she has to go and research yo-yos before grading it.

Everything I do is carefully designed to cause the most possible pain to teachers.

I find thats the best way to get pay back, and plus its their job.

Hahaha, yes. I also enjoy exploiting loopholes in the handbook. ‘Students have the right to open communication with an educator or parent at all times.’ I enjoy using this loophole during a test.

Their job is to make sure you acquire a set of skills useful later in life. Your job is to understand, question, judge by yourself (i can’t emphasize this one enough) and learn something out of it, not to “get payback”.

On topic, I believe the second idea to YYF would be a better one. Share your assignment with us after finishing it, will you? :smiley:


“Get pay back” on people who really just want to teach? You know that some teachers are kinda strict and kinda “not so nice” because students taught them early on that being nice won’t help them much in the classroom, right?

I was a teacher for 7 years, and I would have loved a class full of students doing THEIR job, which is to learn. But that’s a dream. Spending all class teaching, sharing, and having a pleasant time instead of doing so much “classroom management” is every teacher’s real desire, even the grumpy ones that YOU want to make even grumpier by harassing them.

Teachers are expected by their profession, their calling, and even the law to be “in loco parentis”, which means taking the place of parents while you are with them (the word “loco” here isn’t referring to craziness! :D). Kids end up “hating” teachers for the same reasons they “hate” their parents… because the teachers care enough about them to sacrifice always being the “fun” person (though a good lesson should still be fun for a rotating demographic of the class from day to day) for the sake of helping to produce good people. Not just people who get “A” on their report cards (though that’s not a bad thing either) but good people. You probably don’t often see it this way, but they are helping to raise you, not just to teach you. Give them a break sometimes and it’ll go a long way.

Rant over for now. :wink:

“I believe you need a 1/2A yoyo in your lineup” isn’t actually a bad topic for 5 paragraphs. The teacher might get lost in too much yoyo jargon if you’re not careful, though. There ARE easier topics out there, though. Anything related to improving your community or school (thoughtful ones, not just “Coke and gummy bears at the cafeteria”) for example.

Good luck!


As a current teacher, I’d like to thank GregP and tzighy for their comments. We’d all love to be fun all the time but unfortunately, that’s just not possible in the real world where most kids just aren’t responsible enough to not take things too far.



Persuasive essay… you want your target audience to take action based on the information you present to them.

I think your topic is weak.

How about persuading someone to take up yoyoing… hasn’t there been a study done at some point that yoyoing reduces stress or something.

That’s a pretty good one; should be easy to come up with 3 reasons for people to take up yoyoing!

I still fail to understand the purpose of the assignment.


Studio you don’t understand why it is a good thing to develop your ability’s to be persuasive?
I would assume by your response’s here(on yoyoexpert in general.) that you must use yours on a regular basis, jugging by how developed yours is.

I have met waaay more bad kids than bad teachers.