Latest mods by 3yo3

Here you go!!

YYJ Bolt, takes .555 Hat pads, & I cut out the ejector pin marks by turning it into a huge smoove ring

Duncan Butterflies- All are bearing

3 are small bearing using Duncan guts, w/ flowable response & .007" highwall

2 are C bearing using Hat Pad response & 3yo3 spacers

All have 3yo3 autograph caps, & a glued on acrylic re-inforcement ring, to keep the post that the threaded insert goes into from cracking down the road from the stresses caused by the threaded insert. Its not pretty, but it does the job, & is hidden when the yoyo is assembled.

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These things look absolutely amazing! I can hardly wait to get em’. Thanks Landon your the Best!

Meh typical Landon. Always showing people up with perfectness. Awesome Brother.