Last question for Colin- clubs and peers

(Roland Thomas-Biason) #1

Do you feel that having a club or peers within yoyoing that you regularly see has been integral to your growth as a player? If yes, how has it helped you grow (examples welcome) and how different a player might you have been if you hadn’t been in the same company whilst developing i.e being a massive loner.

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100 percent YES. I started yo-yoing in a really lucky place, as I went to the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club which happened twice a week. I think I improved super quickly starting out because of this, as I got to hang out with amazing players like Hank Freeman & Darnell Hairston so often, I was able to learn a lot of the things people struggle with learning by themselves. I definitely would have been way worse for the first few years without being around other players… it’s much harder to learn by yourself, and it is also pretty difficult to keep interest if you’re only yo-yoing alone imo.