Last batch of Peaks EVER!

In case any of you haven’t heard, CLYW is only making 64 more Peaks, and then Peak production is done forever. The Peaks are coming here to YYE so get it as soon as you can. It’s the last group of Peaks ever to be made and they won’t last long.

where did you hear this? :’(

maybe a 64 story finish? (32x2)

CLYW and Krisztian Kaluzsa posted it on facebook earlier today.

64 Peaks total, 3 different types.

Krisztian Kaluzsa Edition
Elliot Jackson Edition
Adam Brewster Edition

we need a boxthor edition

Why? Boxthor isn’t even on their team…

because boxthor is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, this is when I wish that I was old enough to have a job >:(

When are they coming?

I heard this like 2 weeks ago. I am pretty sad but elliots peak is so cool, Ive seen it.

wow… i wish i had the money… you guys go get them =/

hopefully i can get a paycheck soon.

i just cried a little

Sad to see it have a last run. That was a dang good yoyo.

I wanna see some pics of em.

Does anyone know about what time they are coming?

Edit: oh Tom Srebernak already asked lol!


Can you please post it on here?[/s]
Oops i read it wrong sorry