Lancaster/Berks County Throwers!!! Next Meet Sept. 28th!

Hey Pennsylvania yoyoers,

September 28th is going to be the first official kickoff date for the start of a new local yoyo club. It will be hosted at The ‘Fun-est’ Toy Store Ever! The date is September 28th. We will meet around 1pm and yoyo till whenever! That’s the same day as the annual Ephrata fair, so we will basically be yoyoing at the fair. I will post an address here tomorrow and a link to google maps. I hope to see as many as we can get there! We will be yoyoing outside in hopes of people walking by take interest in joining the club sometime.

Come out for fun, fair food, and to meet new friends :slight_smile:

I hope to see as many people as possible!

PM me if you need an address, or directions!

That’s me! Would be cool to throw with some fellow yoyoers

I’m a half hour from Reading.

You should def come through then! That would be great to have a few of us.

Where are you from binks00?

Alburtis. It’s in the middle of Allentown and Reading.

I actually live in Easton which is close to Allentown. I stay in reading sometimes because I work at my college and its easier then driving from Easton. I go to Kutztown University and I tour guide there

Neat! My wife just graduated from K- town last month. I’m 15 minutes from there.

Well that’s pretty cool! It’s cool knowing people are around who yoyo but would never know other wise. You should definitely come. Pm me and ill hit you up with my number so we can be on the same page and have contact info

looks like we got Turbyonium on board!!!

Bump, anyone else out there?

Who ever is coming, what do you plan on bringing? Your favorite yoyo, your whole case?

I’m bringing my whole case, whoever comes in welcome to try anything I’ve got.

So far its me, you, binks00 (Scott), and Turbyonium (Jared). If your other friends come thats more too!

I’m bringing all my stuff with me so my cases are open for any of you to try of course.

My buddies are on vacation together :confused: I told them if all goes well we may just end up making this a monthly get together!

Well 4 is still pretty good with me! This would be awesome if it was like a monthly thing

It could defiantly happen man! We can change locations too. I live like 5 minutes from Ephrata. There’s tons of places we could meet at in Ephrata.

I should be there. I only have a handful of throws. I work with a guy who is on the forum, he might want to go. Ill tell him about it when i see him.

Awesome! The more the merrier.

Yeah, you don’t even need to bring all your throws. I’m just bring all of mine because I know, back when I was a beginner, and to this very day I want to try as many different yoyos as possible. I’ve got Clyw, One Drop, RecRev, Generalyo, and some other not so popular brands.

Here’s what I’ll be bringing:

I’ll also bring my Kendama and Pill for those who want to try something…different.