PA Yoyoers????


Easton, PA here



allentown :slight_smile:

Denver, PA.

I host a Yoyo Club at The Fun-est Toy Store Ever in Ephrata, PA.
Every last Saturday of the month from 1-3.
(Our next meet is Dec. 28)

Please PM me if you have ANY questions about it.

Yomagic drive an hour and a half to come to the meets, so don’t be afraid to drive down to chill with us :slight_smile:

You live like 15 minutes away from me! we should chill and throw someday haha…

I’m not very far from either of you. 30 minutes from Allentown and 45 minutes from Easton.

Joey, bring them to club!!

Lol well quakertown is pretty far out the way lol

Just have them meet you somewhere in Easton :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just gonna get my dad to drive me. After all, he did drive me to NER in Massachusetts.

Sweet man! Hope you can come!
It’s loads of fun.

Im like 15 minutes away from there.

Where are you from?

Samsies! ;D

Any of you closer to Ephrata planning on coming to club next Saturday?? :slight_smile:

Thought I’d chime in, I’m around the Lewisburg / Selinsgrove area.

yeah. maybe you can teach me a few new tricks! I wish I could get away to the yoyo club in ephrata. It is tough on the weekends with the family though. Yes, I’m an old guy with two kids under 4. Working all week, it is my only time to really see them and hang-out.