Pennsylvania yoyoers unite!


Hey all,

I move to Pittsburgh PA recently an just now am getting settled. I was curious if there were any other Pittsburgh or PA people around and if we wanted to organize some kind of meet up. Find some cool place and just get a group together to meet and hang. Throw some tricks and learn from each other.

Just an idea.



Check here…
Yo-Yo Contests, Clubs, and Events

(2Sick Joey) #3

Too bad your on the complete other side of the state but a few other yoyoers and I have a meet up in Berks County.


Yep, Berks/Lancaster County area. Good stuff, I wish we had more people coming out though.


I’m in Philly. I only go to Lancaster once in awhile to visit family or shop at the outlets.


Hey jupdyke I live about an hour outside of Pittsburgh. It’s is called Uniontown. It’s a lil crap hole of a town. Just message me if you would ever like to chat or anything.


You live in the city?


I live in Warminster. About 45 mins. outside of Philly.


Yes I do. North side. Right off route 76. You coming over?


Yea what the heck. I live by good ol Franklin Mills. I’m sure you know it well.


It needs more cowbell.


Everything needs more cowbell.


Your fingers spell truth. And correctly every time.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #14

45 minutes from Pitt. Ever been to the yoyo club there?


Carlisle boiling springs area.


I live where the bologna comes from Lebanon