"Lady like" yoyo?

Looking to get a few opinions as to what people think may be one of the more “feminine” looking throws. Must be a metal throw of any kind. Color is NOT important.

My wife has inquired about me doing a powder coat on a throw for her. Of course I said yes but would also like to get some input on the above statement. Kind of looking to have a throw that will be complimented by the powder coat scheme.

I’d like to her from the ladies especially as to what they may think.

I would say something curvy could possibly considered a feminine looking throw.

Maybe something like a Wrath, HOT, OG sakura or Cascade. Many ILYYs have a feminine look to it.

ILYYs are very classy. Especially some of the mix between organic and sharp looking ones.

Anything organic would look nice. CLYW Canvas or La Goutte would look good.

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ILYYxOD Sakura?

By all means a canvas. If not that, try anything ILYY. Noctu comes to mind…

Im no expert but i would say anything HOT PINK not very specific but in my experience pink is always good ;D ;D ;D ;D

La Goutte no questions asked.

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Lol give her a Two Fat Ladies, I’m sure she’ll like adore the name xD

;D Just so happens I have one polished and ready to go. Problem is I always considered that one mine. I like the twin bearing thing.

I’ll run it by her and when/if she gets bent about the name I’ll send her your way. :o

Give her The Crazy D.




My Sides are in orbit.

hahahahahahaha. This is the first time I can actually say LOL :smiley:

Get a broken hearts cascade and a wasteland cascade. That way when she dings the one, you can pull out the broken heart to express your sadness. Problem solved.

I find undersized throws and very round shaped yo-yos like some gen-yos are lady like.

Mirror polished anything organic…

Dream yo MAN.

Names off, but the shape is nice and curvy.

Remember guys and gals color means nothing cause I’ll be stripping it raw in order to do my powder coat on it. So don’t let colorways or colors sway your thoughts. I’m only interested in your feelings as far as how the shape of the throw would make you think it would be better suited for a lady.

Oh. You probably want something with a lot of curves then. Big “nubs” too…

The Peak would probably be a good choice.