Laceration Bind

I find it strange that no one seems to use the laceration as a bind. It works very well. All you have to do is a laceration but don’t catch the loop. Plus it almost never catches to much slack. I like it because it feels more like yoyoing with a responsive. Just takes practice.

I mainly use plastic whip as a bind, it works like a charm.

So, a whip Bind. I use one every once in a while. My firend I started teaching, thats the only way he can bind with a Whip Bind.

that is very weird. today, someone in my club just thought of the lanceration bind before he knew what a lanceration was. i only don’t use it because it always slips for me.

I don’t think of it a a laceration; I think of it as shooting the string into the actual gap of the yoyo.

I think Augie Fash did that in 2009 nationals

It works but sometimes you get a knot.

I do this when i’m bored or using my nth(nonthrow hand) for something else, generally texting lol. It’s just a one handed bind. I saw it in one of Brett Grimes (ibanezcollector)'s videos on binding. ;D