Laceration Bind Knots


About 75% of my laceration binds cause a knot in the gap. Is there any way to fix this? Am I doing something incorrectly?


I know your going to hate this reply but…
When in doubt practice!
Make sure the entire loop is going into the gap and it’s not flaring out to the sides.


Happens to me a lot, also, but the more I practice, the less it happens.


this kind of things happen , even for a normal bind. the more you pratice the less it happens , that’s the bestest and so far the only tips that works 100%


I’m pretty sure what it’s happening here is that you’re actually hitting a brent stole, but not catching the loop (hence the knot). Try keeping the string in one plane, parallel to your body when you whip it so that a GT doesn’t form.

Hope this helps


An easy solution to this is to not do laceration binds. ::slight_smile:

Seriously though, laceration binds are unreliable, and don’t look that good in my opinion. Use a more reliable bind like the sky bind.


Yeah, I’d also say that they’re not that reliable.


Not reliable. Even when I don’t get a knot, I often get a snag and have to throw and extra time or two to clear it. I still do them for giggles, but I don’t count on them.


Oh, right. And also I find that when my response is kinda thin, these also don’t work that well because it won’t catch.


Bad tension can cause the string to bunch up mid bind, causing a knot.


Binds should be used by an unresponsive yoyo.

(Owen) #12

But they don’t have to! I bind on ny good ole Yomega Brain all the time!