Does anyone know where to get one or tried one before?

Audely L3? aka the company that makes spinoffs of real authentic brand yoyos? Never tried them…heard their decent


I beleive that company also has some legitamate designs aswell.

The L3 being one of them. I beleive it was designed by a member of the asian yoyo community, I just cant put my finger on his name at the moment, sorry!

If this is the yoyo I think it is, I liked it alot. But unless you can give me a rough idea of what it looks like or not Im sorry.

Im shocking with names! Sheesh! But i do have a photographic memeory at times.

my friend used to have one. i have played with it everyday when i go to school. it seems awesome :smiley:

My son has one and its a great yoyo.

Am i correct in thinking a little half green half orangy stacked hune/speedmaker shape with a hspin bearing I think?


It’s actually a regular C sized bearing, but often it’s a Koncave. It’s a great little yoyo. I traded mine to Brad a few weeks ago and he apparently loves it as well. I had two at one point because I like them so much.

Oh man, Brian is right! This thing is a beast!

Then yea this is a great yoyo. I enjoyed the one I played alot and the little graphic on the side was cute as!

Shares alot of characteristics with the Rozzor (designed by mr.Oke Rosgana, he is the man and has so much love for yoyoing.)

its cheap right? where do u guys get it from?

All the L3s that I know of came from the B/S/T. I know they are personally imported, but I don’t know by who.


^^ Thats a European site, don’t know if that will help. But It’s there so…

It’s about $65 USA Dollars for the yo-yo and shipping to Florida.

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