L2 Yoyo

does anybody know which website to get this yoyo please link it

That was sweet, but no I have no idea were to get them.

holy cow… that was some speedy one a at the begginning… that yoyo looks pretty beast… no clue who makes it, though…

I believe it is made by Audley and is the processor to the L3, signature yoyo of Luo Yi Cheng.

looks like side fx by one drop are the same as these

you guys should read the description on youtube it is a proto and Luo Yichen yoyo.

I don’t think that many were made.
And many had play problems.

You’ll have to get it off someone 2nd hand if you want it.

Aoda makes it or a copy of it without Takuto’s consent called Perfect Storm

I don’t think any English sites sell it.

You can order it off Taobao, which is a Chinese auction site, using a buying agent.

you get that at spinworkx i think but that shops all the way in singapore o.o