OK so i’ve been searching and searching for a good L.E.D. board that i could put in a yoyo ( Yes i know of the shinwoo l.e.d. kit but that is for plastic and the holes in the middle of the board are to big.) So i was at walgreens looking for candy, I came across what looked like hand held fans and they were but they had a sucker on the bottom end. They were about the size of a large sharpie, and had little airplanes on top of it which the propeller was the fan, and a button to activate the fan. On a closer look i see in the middle of the propeller there are L.E.D. lights which lite up when spun. i could also see a little spring which activated the lights by centrifugal force. PERFECT!! They were four bucks a piece. The propeller pops of with ease and then two screws separate you from simple L.E.D. play. That and a piece of tape on the back to prevent scratches from the battery compartment. Poke a hole through the tape so the post can fully poke through the center of the board and then, put the o-ring that came with your yoyo back on the post that would normally hold the hubstack bearing in place, and BOOM!

i took a bunch of pictures of it in action.
I will also post in depth pictures of the board and what not if you guys want.

Also the lighting effect was similar to the yomega fireball, in which that there are 4 lights in a row that when spinning make different circles that do simple patterns.

That looks awesome man, do you think that this would work on a Werrd 4XL, some more pics of how it looks assembled would also be cool to look at.

woah i need to try that…

thanks for the idea!!! ;D

if the hub posts are similar to a YYF.

Have you got any pictures of the setup yet? I am really keen to try this out.