Hubstack Afterglow

Hey guys not sure if this goes here, never used the forums, but I just got the YYF Hubstack Afterglow and I’ve had it for like a week and for some reason the light on one of the sides doesn’t work anymore. So have any of you guys had this problem and found a fix? thanks

I don’t have one but I’m guessing that since the caps are removable you could take off the one side and check it out. It’s either a dead battery or a loose connection.

They’re held on with a weird screw that I can’t remove.

They should be easily removable. The caps are held on with two screws that can be removed with an axle key or similar sized allen wrench.

Did you buy it from us? If so, send us an email - We can try to help you fix it or send a replacement light board if that one cannot be fixed.


I did so I’ll do that now. Thanks

If you contact YYF they’ll send you some new boards, they sent me like 6! Turned out my batteries were dead though.

haha thats great

I just used my yyf multitool to remove the 2 screws, yet I still can’t remove the caps. From the looks of it the Hubstack is preventing them from falling off. Any ideas how to take the hubstacks off or take the just the caps off?

You can take the hubstacks off by wrapping the string around it and pulling or using a spoon to gently leverage it off. It shouldn’t be too hard to do but if you have any questions you can give us a call or send an email and we can help you out.

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