can you hubstack a protostar or a starlight

i was wondering if you can you hubstack a protostar or a starlight i heard you could but im not quite shure if you can or not. does anyone have tips or a video?

You can hubstack most any yoyo if you put your mind to it and have access to the proper tools, knowledge and skills.

I will say it won’t be easy. You gotta bust out the cap in some way, or otherwise drill through it to get a method to attach the stack post. This would NOT be a good first-time mod.

By the way, it’s “sure”, not “shure”. Shure is a real word too, but it’s the brand name of a microphone company.

I think if you popped the caps off somehow the axle would be exposed. Emphasis on I think. Then, you could replace the axle with a PGM axle then add stacks. Again, I THINK.

I am pretty good at taking stuff apart. The protostar/northstar/etc. caps are not in any way easy to remove.

Over tightened a protostar cracked almost a perfectly at the cap.

Unless you have the right tools, and like to fool around with stuff, you’re further ahead buying a yoyo that comes w/hubstacks. At least you know it’s been done right, with all the right parts.

Yes, but you have to cut the caps off.