I need help learning Kwijibo i cant seem to get the first pop?

Thanks in advance

Chris ???

What about the first pop is giving you trouble?

i cant land it on the string.

Keep the strings straight, and try landing the yo-yo as close to your NTH pointer as possible.

I am finding if I pop the yoyo a bit higher, coupled with that other advice, it really helps. Keep your hands as parallel as possible.

I just recently got this trick down. If I can do it, then the original poster can do it too.

Here, a tut focusing on the way I teach the beginning to people.

Now i need help with the hop into the double or nothing!

As I said in the video, you can start learning it the same way as the first pop. It really is just hop the yoyo up, bring your finger accross, snag the string and pull it in, just like the first pop. Just trickier cause you have the extra string around both hands.

Pop it up, uncross your hands and just move your finger into the string.

Honestly, this trick pretty much just comes to you with a lot of practice. There really is no easy little trick you can do to learn it faster, just practice it a bunch and then it will just click.

Yup. Keep trying. I just started landing this yesterday, and at first I was only completing it on out of twenty tries. Today, it’s closer to one in ten. Usually, if I can land the first hop, I got a good shot at the other two. The last one, before hoping out to trapeze, can get pretty random for me, though. Sometimes it lands clean, sometimes it lands in some weird GT.

Also don’t try so much to catch the yo yo, but cut/ chop into the string with your NTH. This advice works with many tricks popping type tricks.

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