Kwijibo Help?


Hi, on kwijibow i can’t seem to pop it from the second time you cross arms into double or nothing. I don’t get what your supposed to do when it tells you to “bring non-throw hand under yoyo”, so some help is needed. ???


Make sure you intercept the string coming directly from the yo-yo with your throwhand index when you uncross your arms. Have someone lift the yo-yo up for you and try it in slow motion first to get a look at what’s going on.



Mostly made this to show how I do my Kwyjibo over the back of my hand instead of the forefinger, but there’s a slo-mo top-down as well that shows how you pass the NTH under the yoyo and intercept the string in order to make it land. Hope it helps!


I actually have a hard time doing the first hop compared to the second hop.

First Hop: I move both my hands simultaneously from side to side hoping the yoyo to land.
Second Hop: I mostly keep my throw hand index finger stationary until I have my NTH index finger cross through the string. I have almost 100% success landing this hop but it is not always pretty.


The first hop is landed by underpassing as well. Pass the forefinger directly under the yoyo from right to left and it has no choice but to hit the string. It’s unpossible to miss!

Treating the hops in Kwyjibo as “chops to land” instead of “land on the string segment below” was the breakthrough moment for me.


The problem was that I was passing my non-throwhand under the string the wrong way. The overhead video belief with that though.


Wow…Using the backhand technique made this trick possible for me. Thank you


Glad the video helped, guys!

Tell you what… there are times I wish I had started practicing going JUST to my forefinger. The backhand technique was meant to be my “training wheels”. But i can’t seem to do it any other way now. :wink: If you’re a purist, you might want to nip the habit in the bud as soon as you’ve got the basic mechanics down. Otherwise if you’re like me and you’re not fussed, then carry on. :wink: