Help with kwijibo?

Please help with jumping into a double or nothing I keep landing on 2 strings…

I did this, too. I learned to do my Kwyjibos by REALLY exaggerating how far back on my hand the back segment goes… the problem is that I have a really difficult time doing it any other way now. I personally don’t mind, and anyone watching me doesn’t care either. But if you are the kind of person who insists on nothing but the “canonical” way of doing it, maybe just practice getting to as far back on that finger as you can and getting the front segment up near the tip of your finger. :wink:

Also, you shouldn’t be “landing down” on the strings. The chopping motion will force the yoyo down to the right segment. As long as the back one is back far enough, the yoyo has no choice but to only land on the front one.

Here’s a top-down of my “back of the hand” method:


After practicing for a while I’m getting better at it with the back of the hand method. thanks a bunch!

Any time!