best kiwijibo tutorial?

I STILL haven’t learned kiwijibo (is that how you spell it?) and I want to know the best tutorial for it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miguel Correa:

yotricks or Andres.

This one

Haha, I was just about to watch the yotricks one,then undecided to make this thread.

So,after watching both, and looking closely at the slo mo part of yotricks, I got the first hop. Im having a little bit of trouble finding the string that my NTH pushes (to form the double or nothing).
Any tips?
Also, do you consider the first,or second hop to be the hardest?

When I was learning this GregP gave me the tip to keep the yoyo close to the top of your nth when you make the transition hop. Like keep your finger close when it’s under the yoyo.

Glad I could have helped, Mr. W!

To reiterate, always think of it as passing the finger under the yoyo (as a “chop”) rather than “cross arms and then let the yoyo land on the string that’s created”. When you do the chop close to the yoyo, it has no choice but to land on the correct string.

when doing second hop u can even touch your th with nth it will give u higher hop which in my opinion helps and then just spread hands a little bit and u should land it, it works for me, and i had same problem with it like you but this helped me a lot

I would like to see that move demonstrated. I’m having trouble visualizing this

Yeah, I’m not sure why you’d touch them together… the pop happens when you uncross!

I’ve also found that a higher pop isn’t more helpful. If anything, a higher pop is the end goal (if your Kwyjibo can be done without any sloppy slacks, it’s probably going to look better!) but it will take some time to get there.

Am I the only one that hardly ever misses the second hop but never hits the first one?

I’m there with you.
The second hop I can hit 8 out of 10 Times but the first hop is maybe 3 or 4 out of 10 @ best. (And that’s a great improvement hahaha)

Easy solution: just skip the trapeze part. Hop right into the cross-arms shape. :wink:

at second hop I have my hands close wrist to wrist, it really helps  imo

damn bad light ;< poor gopro

Oh wow, I’ve haven’t entered it froma 1 1/2 mount, I’ve trapeze, hop, cross, hop, uncross… etc.
I like that approach. Thanks sir

The 2nd hop is killing me XD I used to be able to lane the first one 8/10 times, not I can only land the first one like 4 or 5/10.

And the second hop, I have never landed into the double or nothing but I’ve gotten the formation to show but just didnt land on the front string…

I always pull my hands back when I go to hop… so I have to force myself to not do it… to me it feels like I’m kinda pushing away as I’m going up into the hop… explaining this is really hard sorry if I confused you

have u tried closing your wrists? as i shown it?

Watch mfd tut. It breaks it down really well and teaches easy ways to get the first and second hop down.

I was going to suggest Gregs video because that’s what finally made me get it, but he already did.