Just got one in the mail. OMG! The fat rims are sweet. This thing is stable and spins for days. Gonna change out side effects. Anybody done that and have pics??

I did with a set of raw Anti-Yo Side Effects. I don’t have pics of it at the moment.

My black one has a set of Anti-Yo effects, and my Nickel plated has red ultra light’s in it.

do you notice the difference in play? or is it purely aesthetics?

Ultralights FTW. Kuntosh plays excellent with minimal center weight.


I added these, and picked up some black ones for later. :slight_smile: I didn’t notice a big difference. But I wanted to add the ultra lights to make it as light as possible. I love this Return Top.

Most definitely true. I had to throw in some Anti-Yo Side Effects just to play it the way Sonny had originally envisioned it during the prototype phase. I have the flat caps in now and really do not feel much of a difference in play between them and the Ultra Lights.

With the ultralights it’s quicker and floatier. Maybe even a tad more stable.

Maybe on my next order I’ll order a set of ultra lights. I swapped in some spikes I have on a terrarian and didn’t notice a thing. I suspect because they are the same weight as the stock ones.

Mine should be here Tomorrow. Looks good.

I took the domes of my summit and it plays like a dream.
I’m pretty stoked.

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