Kuntosh and Summit owners, comparison


I don’t own a kuntosh (probably should) but I do own a Summit. To me, both profiles look very similar.

For anyone who owns both, could you please take a pic of them side by side for comparison for me? Just out of curiosity. Also, do they play similar?


({John15}) #2

Nope. Kuntosh feels more powerful. Get a Kuntosh man!


Hmm, that’s interesting. I personally think that the Summit plays pretty powerful.

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I only have a Kuntosh, it is brilliant. I would love to get a Summit

({John15}) #5

Not sure if this helps lol. They look similar, but they play pretty differently from each other.

Summit has a response bump, Kuntosh doesn’t.

They are both SE compatible.

The Kuntosh rims are a tad bit wider, and flatter too.

They’re both great, but the Kuntosh just has more “umf”. It spins noticably longer than the Summit. If you like the Summit, you’ll definitely like the Kuntosh. And the 5000qv is even more powerful. Can’t go wrong with either IMO.

(ClockMonsterLA) #6

The Summit looks to be a bit wider and a little heavier then the Kuntosh, at least according to the specs on the OD website.

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Aesthetically I like the summit, but for play I prefer the Kuntosh. Both are great yoyos though.


Wow those look really similar in the side by side that @smileypants707 posted, but I have to say I would never have considered these remotely equivalent based on the way they play!

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I have a Summit and a 5000QV. They really don’t feel similar to me. The 5000QV feels so much lighter and zippier, even with brass ultralights. Haven’t tried the OG Kuntosh yet.


I’ve got my Summit setup with brass spikes, mainly because I like doing matador elements with it but it does kind of feel like a lump on the string, not that I dislike it at all.

I guess the kuntosh must be thinner to make it lighter?

(ClockMonsterLA) #11

I took the brass ultra lights out of my Kuntosh because I didn’t like how heavy it felt. I guess I prefer my K’s on the lighter side. :man_shrugging:

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Chris has mentioned in the past he wanted the Summit to look the way it does because of how much he loved and wanted a Kuntosh. So there is a definite reason they look the same.


Yeah I’m not sure how I like the brass ultralights on the 5000QV. It feels like it should be lighter than I currently have it set up… Might swap them out. But the ones I got with it (got it from the BST) looked better aesthetically on one if my other throws so I swapped lol.

(ClockMonsterLA) #14

I totally get where you’re coming from!

I originally put brass ultra-lites in my gold Kuntosh because I wanted ultra-lites that would color match the yoyo. But it felt heavier than I liked so I took them out. I now have “clear” ultra-lites in it, but I am going to put a thin layer of gold paint on them so I can color match without all the extra weight.


Huh. I’ve not thought about painting them before…