OG Kuntosh, if I Already Have the 5000QV?


Are there good reasons to buy a Kuntosh, if I already have the 5000QV?

There’s the IGR… Other than that should I save my money?

Oh, and of course I did the logical thing, and have already ordered one! :woozy_face: :clown_face: :joy:


I actually prefer the OG. I only really started enjoying the 5KQV when I put aluminium Markmont’s in it to make it heavier.

({John15}) #3

I have never played a QV, but my OG is one of my absolute favorites. It’s in my top four deserted on an island yoyo list

If anything, you can get one and if you don’t like it, throw it up on the BST. It’ll sell quickly

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I only have the QV, and I am not in any hurry to pick up an OG to be honest. The QV is a more performance-oriented update to the OG, and since I value performance so much the QV is really the only one I need.


I got rid of my og and kept the qv. I didn’t think I needed them both and there’s only so much room in the case.


Yeah, I really hadn’t thought I’d buy it after having the QV, which I think I like, but don’t play all that much for some reason. Maybe it’s because of this:

Then, I saw those “Saturday Market” colorways, and at first thought “cool”, but then thought “clown vomit” or “unicorn poop”, but it got me thinking about the OG Kuntosh. Then they popped up here, and I saw the one with the car on it, and thought about the IGR…

Well that was last week, and tracking said to expect it Monday, but since Monday it’s said “on its way to the next facility”. So I’m starting to wonder if they lost it… Anyway, that “drove” me out of impatience to post this.

Aren’t you glad? :crazy_face:


That is a yo-yos way of saying it loves you my friend, just a little :kiss: right on the forehead

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The tracking system of the USPS can not be trusted, plain and simple. I’ve discovered at least three different ways (so far) in which they manipulate the tracking status to cover for the fact that their delivery estimates are highly inaccurate, mostly due to the USPS being woefully under-staffed, even in large cities (like Los Angeles, where I live). In my experience, though, lost packages are extremely rare occurrences, and that the far more likely outcome is that your yoyo will simply be delivered a day or two later than their abysmal delivery estimation algorithm will indicate. The USPS has completely lost sight of the principle of “under-promise and over-deliver”, and in fact, seems (out of dreadful necessity) to operate on the inverse.

This is my long-winded way of saying don’t give up hope; I’m confident your yoyo will show up. Multi-day delays are simply the new norm for the USPS.

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BTW, just so you don’t feel so alone in this, @Myk_Myk, I have a Gamma Crash I picked up from the BST that the USPS’s tracking status currently says, “Delivered by Today” while also indicating that it is “In Transit to Next Facility”, which I can tell from experience means it will most definitely not be delivered by today. If I am lucky, it will be delivered tomorrow, and tonight the status will be updated with something completely bogus, such as “Delivered” (yes, they lie like that all the time now), or “Held at facility at Customer’s Request” (um, I requested no such thing), or “Delivery attempt Failed” (with no other details because, well, no delivery attempt was actually made at all).


Yeah, I’m sure it will be here soon. I’m perfectly OK if cheap (free in this case) means late.


So you can #buymoreyoyos!


They surprisingly play real different from each other. I ended up keeping the original, it was a little slower playing, which is more my thing.


I saw that you sold the twin to mine…


Which one is that?


The one matching the pic above, that we traded halves to make.

Here are some more pics:

It’s got black spikes now.


That’s right! I had actually forgotten about that :rofl:

Shows I’ve had too many yoyos, start forgetting the ones I’ve had :man_facepalming:


This is really what I was hoping to hear!


I’ve had the Kuntosh for a few days now. It really is different from the 500QV. It’s actually pretty striking how much “better” the performance of the 5000QV is!

Still, that doesn’t necessarily make it “better”. I think they play different enough to own both. I can see if you really value more competition performance, wanting to keep just the 5000QV. I can see liking the more chill vibe of the OG, and wanting to keep just it.

I like them both; and at least for now, I’m keeping both.

I do the same old tricks anyway. Part of what keeps things interesting, is having different yo-yos to change things up.

I put brass domes in the OG to accentuate the play differences.


I got to try both over the weekend and personally like the OG better. The QV feels like a brick to me, even with ultralights in it, but definitely has more of a competition feel compared to the OG