Konkave in M1?

(Frank W.) #1

I have a Konkave in my x-convict right now and just bought a M1 which should be here tommorrow. I was wondering if the Konkave from my convict will fit in the M1. Or will it be better to just stick with the stock bearing?


Well,10 ball bearings are great,I like them better than KKs but lots of friends like KKs better,so its all about preference.Yes,the KK from your x-convict should fit the m1.Try both out and see what you like,but just one thing,10 balls take a long time to break in,mine took about 1.5 months,but can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks depending on how much you throw.

hope this helps

(Shisaki) #3

Yea 10 balls sre like super smooth and quiet and the konkave is louder but if you do happen to break in both I would go with the 10ball. Sadly I dropped my 10ball and I cant even make my bearing spin 4 seconds (flicking the bearing) and I can make my konkave go 18 seconds so I had to switch to a konkave to get better throws :(.


KonKave Bearings are great. They might, wether if the sizes differ. (Small, medium, large)