KonKave Bearings and Suicides

I lost my KonKave bearing a couple of months ago and I’m thinking of getting a new one.

The problem is that I love doing suicides and I’ve heard that KKs and suicides don’t mix… Is this true? And if so, to what extent, (can I still do GT suicides on one?)

Thanks in advance!

I think I’ve read that you want the string to kinda graze the size of the yoyo to hold the loop open. I don’t know. I can’t do suicides yet. I’m working on Eli hops today, although I am debating seeing if I can do that Gemini trick Zammy just posted up.

I don’t exactly know how it works, but I know that since I’ve switched from KK to CT with my Positron, suicides got way easier

It’s more a matter of practice than anything. If you want to do a suicide with a kk, do it. I do it all the time, and frankly if I can anyone can. I’m always amazed at how stigmitized we become by the small things. It is possible that you will notice a difference but if you know how to do a suicide you know how! It doesn’t matter what bearing you have, just make it happen. Take the worry and excuses out of yoyoing, just yo!

I wish people could just believe in themselves a bit more because once you realize that you, and not the yo, is the most significant part of the equation the possibilities open and the excuses and worries disappear. Hmmm…not trying to sound like I’m on a soap box, just saying I believe you can suicide with any bearing if you believe you can ;).

What are you going to believe? ???


String tension and the type of string I’m using seems to make the biggest difference for me.

Thanks. It wasn’t so much about whether or not I believed I could do it so much as whether it was physically possible, (I’ve heard that the string just slips through and never touches the side, thus the loop never opens). If somebody’s able to do it though, it must evidently be possible!

Thanks again!

I use REALLY stiff strings now. So easy to suicide with.

If you are doing a suicide right you are not relying on the sides to open up the loop.
What you do is pull the string through the gap while it is in mid air it will open the loop nice and big.
This would mean that KK’s won’t do anything to it. If you rely on the sides to open your look you will never get consistent with them on modern yoyos since the response is no where near the string.

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Adjusted tension and Super stiff string for me. Twisted A1 so far is my favorite for suicides.

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Well I’ve been doing suicides with a Pro Z. I figure a KonKave should be easier

yup! very true.

I love grooved bearings for screwing around but when I want to seriously throw I use a yoyo with a ct or flat bearing.

When learning suicides you really do want some minimal and very light contact between the yoyo wall and the string to help keep the loop open. Grooved and KK bearings make this a tad harder since the string is centered while on a CT or flat the string has a greater chance of being kept open by the wall. If this weren’t true, then many of the newer yoyo’s wouldn’t be designed with this in mind. Just think Drop Bear, Arctic Circle, Gelada…all designed with a wall that helps with these types of tricks.

And like many have stated a good string that is a bit stiffer and with neutral tension (the string doesn’t wind up but instead stays nice and loose) is going to help you out a lot.

But…with practice you can suicide with any bearing. If you’re still learning though, try for a CT or flat bearing to help out with your suicides and try for some strings like Twisted A1 like Sniffy suggested or Toxic BG or Dragon Strings which I have also found to work as well as the A1. I’m playing my Omnicron with Twisted A1 on a CT bearing and suicides are a piece of cake!

I don’t know of any professional that use a U groove bearing.
They put them in yoyos in 2002 when responce stickere were popular.

no offense but this doesn’t offer any help for him really. He asked about kk and suicides not a history of “u grooved bearings” or anything that you mentioned.

respond with something useful and relevant man…maybe something like “i believe…”

and the string centering strings have a purpose…otherwise they wouldn’t be sold or used. what you mentioned isn’t helpful at all and maybe he is asking because for him the kk work for his style of play. i don’t think that you’re out there looking between the halves of every pro player’s yoyo collection so what you state is not exactly all that reliable in terms of validity. i know you make terrapin so maybe suggest he try one instead of offering nothing in terms of assistance.

Not everyone is a professional or wants to be. I prefer the feel of centering bearings.

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wow…zing! but i agree with you! just because someone is a pro doesn’t mean they know best for other players…duh…we see that all the time with other sports. “oh, wear these shoes because so and so mr baseball player does” meanwhile they don’t do anything more than cover your feet. what works for one person is good for them and let them be and answer their question not offer dumb advice they can’t use or didn’t ask for.

agentbrice, don’t you know that some people just can’t answer a question? happens a lot on here really.

and since i don’t want to be one of those people, i’ll offer this: kk are not all that good for suicides and in reality are more a weaker bearing imo. if you want to try something that is close to a flat bearing go for the center trac. it will still reduce string to wall friction thereby not killing your throw and sleep time while still giving you some good binds and better suicides. kk and grooved are not so hot for suicides or slacks but flats and center trac will definitely help you. if you ask me, i think you’ve outgrown your kk bearing really and are ready to move onto something more flat so good job man!

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yes! what he said!
some of us just like to play! thats what yoyos are for isn’t it? even the pros started out just playing!

OK Then just use whatever suits your talent,

Well in a slight defense of Terrapin Bearings, I used one today in my 54. Seemed just like a regular flat bearing, though I will admit that suicides seem easier on my modded FHZ with a regular flat A-sized bearing.

I’ve found the 54 is tough for me and my sloppy suicides. At this point of my suicide talent, which is very new, never really focused on them until a couple of weeks ago, so this should be taken with that in mind. A rim weighted Yoyo with a long spinning bearing, like the terrapin ceramic, really works well for me, mainly because it lets me keep practicing multiple times on one throw = less having to adjust string tension.

I know the original question was about curved bearings. I’ve been trying it to see if I find a difference, the gelada has a curved bearing and I keep a terrapin ceramic in my yeah3. Personally I haven’t found a difference other than the terrapin spins forever like I mentioned, but no difference in hitting or missing the loop. I am starting to graduate from needing a super stiff string to something like the dragon though, so that’s progress.

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I think this was the best answer by far. It’s not about the friction between the yo-yo body and the string (affected by bearing type). It’s about creating the difference in speed between the two sides of the loop as you pull one side toward the axle.

Nice job Schnayke!