KK bearing ...

Konkave bearings who is for them and who is against them?

I think that they are a great idea but I feel that they effect your throw and you become a lazy thrower if you where to use them with out being prepared for it.

I’ve had one in my DV888 for about a month or so now and as a change of style I put back in the stock Spec bearing and now Im having trouble getting a decent throw down with the string in the center, where as before I started using the KK I was throwing consistant straight throws anyone would be proud of.

Does anyone agree or disagree feed back would be very much appriciated.

I agree… since it is so good, you get lazy with your throw and when you try to use your old bearing it will take you a while to get your throw back to normal ;D

i like them i just broke the only yoyo that mine fit lol