konkave bearing

i’m going to but a konkave bearing, so i want to know does konkave bearings really kill suicides? if yes, how?

no, trust me I do a lot of suicides

Are you going to but it with your head… ???

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In a previous thread, you said you can’t buy more bearings, now you want a KK. Regardless, I don’t see how the bearing would have a whole lot of impact as to how it would affect stuff like that. I’d think the walls of the yoyo would have more influence.

Whatever you do end up buying, just make sure its the right sized bearing for your yoyo. I just noticed they come in A, C, D and Euro C sizes. I’m debating buying some in each size, but I’d like to see a lower price first. But, I’m trying to avoid buying anything until either at BAC or AFTER BAC.

In my experience it does make a difference. I don’t notice it now, but definitely did when I was first learning suicides. I also used to not be able to land suicides with certain strings, but now it doesn’t make a difference except sometimes when tension is off. IMO KKs also affect binds, but I also have adjusted to that so that I don’t even think about it anymore.

I actually didn’t like ceramic KKs my first 6 months. Now, for most yoyos I prefer them over Ceramic Terrapins, OD ten balls, center tracs (except I prefer a CT in my Avalanche), and everything else I’ve tried.

You can do suicides just fine with them. They are good, though i prefer ten balls or Centertracs. Usually i just use Centertrac’s in my undersized throws and a few other ones like my Code 2. They keep the string from the wall, thereby giving longer spin times and a little added stability. And they are just a dang good bearing. There’s nothing you can do with them that you can’t do with a good ole flat bearing though.
I wouldn’t waste too much money and energy worrying about specialized bearings though, a normal flat bearing should serve your purposes just fine.

If you can do suicide (or pretty much any yo-yo trick), you will be able to do it using any bearing and string.

But, theoretically yes, KK bearings and yoyos with low walls make suicides slightly harder. When you suicide you need a certain amount of grip or friction to hold the loop open. Usually the string would grip the side of the yoyo wall slightly - with low walls and a KK this theoretically doesn’t happen as easily.

My advice? Play with whatever you’ve got.

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Sometimes I just can’t understand how you guys are all so sensitive! ??? As I read the posts in this thread I really laugh at myself because I spend so little time, like none, being concerned with what bearing I’m using. If it’s a working bearing there’s no problem. What’s wrong with me? :’( It’s always interesting to see how different we all are.

I think I’ll see if I can enroll in a sensitivity class. :smiley: On second thought, I don’t want to be that sensitive!

ok thanks i’ll just buy a ct bearing

I like flat bearings.