KonKave Bearing Prices?

How is it that a Size C KonKave Bearing is $14.50, but the new Size C bearing MOD Spacers that come with a KonKave Bearing is $11?

MOD Spacers:


KonKave Bearing

Just seems weird to me.

That is interesting… seems to be a genuine Dif KK, as well.

Odd thing though, I’ve never seen a new genuine KK bearing sold without shields.


Great Point Vegabomb…

The only way I have found to validate whether a bearing is a genuine Dif-e-Yo bearing is the “Dif” engraved on the shields. Since the shields are missing on the bearings included with the MOD Spacers, I’m inclined to believe that they may be another brand.

It says on the advertisement that the bearing is an “Official KonKave Bearing”,…not a Genuine Dif-e-Yo KonKave Bearing.

It’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.

There are 10 ball dif KKs? never noticed this

It’s concave bearing made in China, but with license from Dif-E-yo.

You can read about it here for example. I think you can also found it on packaging of these products.

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Arent all dif kks made in China

There is a difference between the name brand KonKave, which is part of the Dif-E-Yo brand and logo, and “concave”" which is merely a “shape”. A KonKave bearing has a concave shape, and there is no license needed from Dif-e-yo to manufacture concave bearings, or to use the words Concave or CC with labeling etc… There are however, copyright infringement issues involved if you use the words KonKave or KK, with labeling etc., instead of Concave or CC, but I think many international manufacturers pay no attention to such matters etc…

The concave (KonKave) design is patented in the US so it’s not legal for other manufacturers to sell concave bearings here except under license from dif-e-yo. Obviously bearings that are similar but don’t directly violate the patent such as Center Trac are ok.

Here is the patent for the KonKave - http://www.google.com/patents/US7175500


I do NOT have the Steel Dif-E-Yo branded KK with the shields but I do have the Dif-E-Yo DUNCAN Licensed KonKaves that came with my Mod Spacer Kits and one that came in my Torque. Plus, I have a Ceramic Dif-E-Yo Branded KonKave.

The DUNCAN Version, whether it is “Genuine” Dif-E-Yo or not almost out sleeps the Ceramic every time. In the Torque and in my Butterfly XT’s. I’m talking about by a HUGE MARGIN, as well. The Steel KonKave without the shields that came in my Torque makes that Yo-Yo spin for up to 3 and a half minutes and is great for the combos.

I have so far only been able to get the “Dif” branded Ceramic to spin for about a minute and twenty seconds. I don’t know if the Ceramic is a dud or what but, I have read that the other Ceramic have made similar Yo-Yo’s like a DUNCAN Torque spin for upwards of 5 minutes.

Either way for the $11, you’re taking your DUNCAN Hard-Core line model Yo-Yo’s to another level and really getting your Money’s worth…Trust me on that! The Butterfly XT before the Mod-Spacer Kit is horrible and can barely Trapeze due to it’s antiquated StarBurst Response Mechanisms, let alone any combo style tricks where the Yo-Yo is on the string for a long time like a Cold-Fusion or Gerbil. Once the Mod-Spacer Kit is installed with the KonKave, a $5 Butterfly XT can do Buddha’s Revenge into Cold Fusions into Suicides into Double Gerbils and beyond with one throw.

Yes that is Correct :wink:
DUNCAN is Licensed to manufacture and sell the Dif-e-Yo KonKave “Design” ( concave bearing ) …

There’s simply an error in the “Description” for the DUNCAN Mod Spacers listing with the wording “Official KonKave” !
The Concave bearing “design” is Officially Licensed to DUNCAN but it is not a Genuine Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing by Dif-e-Yo.

The DUNCAN Mod Spacers package is a spinoff from the DUNCAN Flipside yo-yo offered a few years ago which has the Flipside spacers, a small DUNCAN bearing, and, a large Concave bearing included in the package.

The DUNCAN Mod Spacers is a Great package and value by DUNCAN ;D

Best Regards to All, Frank


I was just going to say this myself. I am surprised people didn’t realize if it is shieldless, then it is not an official DIF

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Thanks, Frank. It’s always good when the guy that knows the issue first hand responds.
Now maybe we can put all the speculation about this to rest.

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Good to see you around Frank, it’s been a while :slight_smile:


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You’re Welcome and Hope you’re doing well.
Good to see you :slight_smile:

Hi Grahame, Nice to see you too after all these years and hope all is well :slight_smile:

If you can only get a minute+ out of a ceramic bearing and you 'don’t know if it is a Dud(?); I’m thinking you might seriously consider changing your screen name to anything other than ‘Yo-YoPro’.

Logic would dictate that Difeo didnt build his amazing Reputation for Quality by providing the yoyo playing community with bearings that only spin for a minute.

If you had a bearing made out of Tofu and lubed with Peanut oil; you should get a good minute outta that, lol

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Thank you for summing that up Frank! Much appreciated - we are getting that description updated. :slight_smile:

Hmmm…I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to get at…, “Doc”. It appears you’re agreeing with me while at the same time directly questioning my status as a Professional. That really hurts!

So if you’re the Doctor and are familiar with the Ceramic KonKave by Dif-E-Yo, what are your prescriptions for increasing the Spin Time??

I didn’t say that it wasn’t a good performer…I kind of just said that I was disappointed I spent $30 on a bearing that is supposed to be better than a DUNCAN spin-off bearing. ALL 4 of my Duncan Dif-E-Yo bearings out sleep it on the string and off the string!


Later UPDATE from Yo-YoPro: Well…I take it back! You were right…it wasn’t a dud. Not in the least. I decided to do a round of cleaning routines that I used to do on my old A Size DUNCANs to hopefully get it going like it is supposed to throw. Clean it, lube it, Pencil Spin it then Canned-Air it, throw it for 1 hour straight, do 1 hour straight of Gyroscopic Flops… then re-clean, re-lube, Pencil Spin it then Canned-Air it, re-throw for 1 hour straight, then into 1 hour straight of Gyroscopic Flops… then do a final round of re-cleaning, re-lubing, Pencil Spin it then Canned-Air it, re-throwing for 2 hours straight, then into 2 hours straight of Gyroscopic Flops.

For those using the Search Function later on for “Ceramic Dif-E-Yo KonKave Bearing Maintenance”.

Perform 3 Rounds Of The Following:

  1. Clean it.
  2. Lube it with Thin Lube (In this instance, I used DUNCAN Spin Oil-Thin Lube).
  3. Spin It On Puncil for 10 minutes, THEN use Canned Air on it for 10 minutes.
  4. Throw it into Regular Sleepers for 1-hour straight.
  5. Throw it into Gyroscopic Flops for 1-hour straight.
    *Repeat…3 TIMES. Emphasizing 2-hour straight sessions on Steps 4 through 5.

On a String Trick Combo variation it is doing 2 minute Combos…and of all things, on a Yomega MAVERICK. I haven’t tried it in the Torque yet, I getting Torque equivalent Combo times already. It is amazing now, and there is definite benefits to having Ceramic Balls. It feels tighter, smoother, and it for some reason feels more natural. My regular Dif-E-Yo’s still out-spins it in a regular old fashioned throw sleeper but the capacity to perform lengthy ON STRING Combos was bumped up considerably.

Essentially, after all this…I am looking at an average Regular Throw Sleeper Time of 3 minutes and a 11 seconds with the best being 3 minutes and 33 seconds with the ability to perform 1 and a half minute to 2 minute String Trick Combos. Like I said, I haven’t tried it on the Torque as of yet. The thing is, there is noticeably more Spin-Force on the String Trick Combos, even with just a Maverick, meaning that it doesn’t feel like it is waking up and ready to get up for the day!

I am happy I got this Bearing now.

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