I just put a kitty string on and did a green triangle and after 5 mins I had a knot

Not sure how to approach this… Are you trying to ask a question? Making a statement?

Knots happen. Pull it out and keep throwing.

What’s the point of this thread? Are you just saying kitty strings suck because you got a knot?

Looks like you popped out the wrong side.

I dont thing socom realizes that dropping a GT makes a knot on the bearing, and popping out the wrong way makes a knot on the string.

When you pop out of a brent stole or ninja vanish, and others like it, you popout towards your body. When you pop out of an andwhut style gt mount, or a gt formed by doing a brother behind your wrist, you pop out away from your body.


I think you got that backward…Ninja Vanish=Out the front. Brother Behind your wrist=Out the back.

Ninja vanish could be either way, I think the way that Andre teaches it you actually pop out the back. I pop out the front though

This is what I mean sorry about topic I was just really annoyed